Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tier 4 Law Grads Aren't Spoiled

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw (HT Paul Caron)

I happened to be chatting with one of Suffolk's top students - she was telling me how hard my Agency, Partnership, and LLC last spring was, heh heh (but the grading was fair, everyone agreed) - who spent her summer at the Boston office of one of the New York based BIG BIG law firms, and just got an non-deferred offer to join the firm next year.  Some trouble in paradise, and the downsizing of the last year appears to have affected office morale, but my comment was "I don't think you can attribute that to a particular firm - it wasn't a great year for anybody.  And you can look forward to having a job from which you can repay your student loans."

Paul Caron links to a study today purporting to reach the unremarkable conclusion that Tier 4 law grads who get Big Law jobs are happier.  As I suspect are most young lawyers, even who graduated from "elite" schools, who, for whatever reason, never adopted an attitude of entitlement.

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