Monday, August 3, 2009

No one, to my knowledge, has ever produced Schindler's LONG FORM List

...I'm just saying.  And what is Liam Neeson trying to hide???

My father, who died two months ago today and will be missed greatly, never talked about World War II.  He could not watch Saving Private Ryan.  I was aware through relatives that part of his duties, for the Army Air Corps, was to clean up the concentration camps after Germany surrendered.  The only hint I got of that, from him, was one day when we were watching some TV show and some Holocaust denier said it never happened.  My dad told the TV, words he never used at any other time in my hearing, "Bullshit."

The Holocaust museum shooter, James von Brunn, had a website with two huge screed themes:  the Holocaust is a lie, and Obama has never produced his "real" birth certificate. Said the NY Daily News, "It was unclear if something specific triggered his museum rampage - but the attack followed Obama's denunciation of Holocaust deniers."

Sometimes there are simply not two sides to facts.  The Holocaust happened, and Obama is American. That some people cannot see the obvious intellectual connection between denial of those two realities is really sad.  And for people like von Brunn, it is not just analogy.  The overlap is 100%.

And in related news, or at least countervailing internet rumor, someone has reportedly filed a 30-page ethics complaint with the California bar against the birther attorney [/dentist/real estate agent] Orly Taitz.  As one commenter to a blog on that said, "If filing obviously forged evidence just to get in "on the record" somewhere to lend it credibility, calling for violent overthrow of the government and soliciting members of the armed forces to participate in it etc. don't get you disbarred, WHAT EVER COULD?!?! How can a lawyer (or a dentist) get disbarred?"  Readers of our blog can answer that last one:  "not paying your student loans."  And the commenter did not mention all the more technical violations alleged in the complaint, such as confronting two U.S. Supreme Court justices ex parte.  For all you recent bar takers worried about your results, keep in mind that she passed one.  Anyway, this is being reported, incorrectly I think, as if the California bar itself has filed a complaint against her, but I have no evidence of that. (And I doubt it given the way the petition is worded. And this site agrees and links its PDF.)  On the other hand, maybe she needs to prove that did not happen by producing a signed and certified copy of an official form of some long variety, which disproves the opposite of it, preferably one with tiny footprints on it.

Finally, here is a site to make your own fake Kenyan birth certificate, with a template helpfully provided. (I am looking forward to receiving emails promising me 250,000 pounds if I help smuggle the true one out of the continent.)  But I have already made one for Jeff.  One can only hope that his new citizenship will improve his long distance running.

[Alan Childress]

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