Monday, August 10, 2009

Life's Goal

A North Carolina attorney admitted to practice in 1997 has been charged in a complaint with misconduct that allegedly took place when he went to a county clerk's office to file motions. The complaint alleges that the attorney began to argue his case at the front counter and was "rude, belligerent and demanding." He continued to "rant and rave" at the court clerk. The clerk accepted the motions and set up a conference call with the involved attorneys.

According to the complaint, the behavior persisted during the conference call. A hearing was then held before the clerk during which the lawyer "badgered the court and witnesses. [He] would jump from his seat, fling his hands, point fingers and speak out of turn." He sought a transcript of the hearing and told a deputy clerk that "my life's goal is to have your boss' job." He then filed a motion to have the clerk held in contempt.

The charges allege that the contempt motion against the clerk was frivolous. The rude behavior resulted in a charge of "undignified and discouteous conduct that is degrading to a tribunal." The hearing is scheduled for August 21.

I am impressed with the detailed information available concerning pending complaints on the North Carolina State Bar web page. (Mike Frisch)

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