Thursday, July 2, 2009

"See Y'all Later"

The Louisiana Supreme Court has suspended a judge for 30 days, rejecting as insufficient the public censure proposed by its Judiciary Commission. The judge was found to have "exhibited improper temperment and demeanor, as well as impatience and discourtesy" in his dealings with a woman seeking a temporary restraining order for domestic abuse. The judge criticized the mother for taking the kids to eat at Subway (which the judge later characterized as an "inside joke"). He then said "good for you" to the father when he said he would bloody his daughter's booty. Then, the ruling;

Heat, big smoke, no fire. You want a divorce, you get a divorce. You're not getting a TRO. See y'all later.

The judge had a well-publicized incident of prior discipline for going to a Halloween party in an Afro wig and then applying black face when the wig did not get the laughs he expected. The court took the prior discipline into account in imposing a suspension here.

A dissent would impose the public censure recomended by the commission. (Mike Frisch)

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