Monday, June 29, 2009

Louisiana Disbarment

The Louisiana Supreme Court Court disbarred and revoked the license of an attorney for misconduct in several matters. In one case the attorney made a false representation to a court in the course of representing her sister in a domestic relations matter. In another, she made "obscene hand gestures" to opposing counsel and said "f*** you" to counsel. In a third matter, she continued to file pleadings after discharged by her client, accusing the client of perjury and opposing counsel of child molestation, perjury , and destruction of evidence. Another count involved the failure to return artwork that was held by the attorney in trust pursuant to a court order.

Disbarment was deemed appropriate because "a common thread running through [the] misconduct is that it is knowing and intentional [and] has caused significant actual harm." (Mike Frisch)

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