Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A former New Jersey part-time judge was permanently barred from future judicial office by order of the New Jersey Supreme Court. The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct had concluded that the judge had engaged in misconduct by presiding in court twice while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, abusing lawyers and identifying himself as a judge during the course of disruptive behavior at a place called Torpedo's Go-Go Bar. He had made statements at the bar that suggested he had the power to retaliate against persons who had angered him ("Do you know who I am? I can make problems for you").

The committee found insufficient evidence that the judge had favored high school students who appeared before him by giving a so-called "Warrior discount" at sentencing. The reference was to the school's nickname.

The incidents that led to the court's order had earlier resulted in a "Judge of the Day" award from Abovethelaw. (Mike Frisch)

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