Monday, May 18, 2009

Racial Epithets, Lack Of Candor Result In Denial Of Bar Admission

The Louisiana Supreme Court denied bar admission to an attorney licensed in Minnesota. The applicant had "used racial epithets toward two employees of DePaul University College of Law" in an incident that had taken place in 2006. He "falsely denied making the offensive statements" in a proceeding brought under the school's anti-discrimination and harassment policy.

There was also a candor issue: "it was revealed that [he] failed to disclose several prior arrests and criminal convictions when he applied to law school in 1995. [He] acknowledged during the hearing that these omissions were knowingly and intentionally made because he feared he would not be admitted to law school in the face of an accurate disclosure. Moreover, [he] acknowledged that within days after submitting his law school application he was arrested and charged with DWI; nevertheless, he did not update his application, although he had signed an acknowledgement of his obligation to do so. [He] finally updated his law school application in 1996, at the end of his first year of law school, but the information was untruthful and incomplete." (Mike Frisch)

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