Thursday, May 7, 2009

David Souter's Pen; FIU And The Sunshine Band

Posted by Alan Childress

Two interesting stories (to me) around the web worth pointing to:  (1) Chris Zorn at Empirical Legal Studies Blog shares his assessment of the brand of fountain pen traditionally used by David Souter.  I have to figure that at least Jeff would be interested in such a Luddite-like story.  Souter likes the "Esterbrook" model, which is ironic in a sort of inside-baseball way.

And (2) Due to state sunshine laws, Florida International University is doing a dean search in public, and one reported and characterized by the general press at that.  Recipe for absolutely zero understanding of the reality of that situation, and why would you put yourself through this sunshiney grinder just to be a dean?

Update:  I have added a third:  Deven Desai gave the con to Robin Paul Malloy over at Concurring Opinions -- a post in which Robin describes his work on law, the theory of "property," creativity, and entrepreneurship.  Robin recently presented at the University of Wisconsin workshop, as did Deven.  I think Jeff was there too, so he should tell us what he himself said there, when he gets the chance.

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