Monday, April 6, 2009

All Due Respect

In response to a remand order of the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, a hearing committee that had been diected to hear mitigating evidence noted "[n]otwithstanding the instructions of the Disciplinary Board, and with all due respect to it, the Hearing committee did not hold a hearing. To do so would have been a waste of valuable time of not only the committee members but, as well, Deputy Disciplinary Counsel. It would further require [the attorney] to present evidence when he has already expressed a desire not to do so.'

The attorney was charged with two counts of misconduct, one involving neglect and dishonesty, the other failure to pay a medical provider. The board apparently remanded because there was a report of a psychologist in the record. The committe here affirms its earlier recommendation of a ten month suspension and wonders if the board's "confusion" about the state of the record on mitigation. (Mike Frisch)

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