Monday, March 2, 2009

Suspension For Contempt

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals found a lawyer had violated an earlier disciplinary order and suspended the lawyer as a result of the contempt:

It is abundantly clear that Respondent completely failed to comply with the directives set forth in the May 22, 2008, order of this Court. As further evidence of her utter disregard for this Court's authority, she neither responded to the petition for rule to show cause, nor appeared at the February 3, 2009, hearing. We find Respondent to be in contempt of the May 22, 2008, order. Furthermore, we hold that the appropriate sanction in this case is immediate suspension of Respondent's license to practice law in West Virginia until such time as she fully complies with that order...

... Based upon the foregoing, we find Respondent to be in contempt of this Court's order entered May 22, 2008, and order her license to practice law in the State of West Virginia immediately and indefinitely suspended until such time as she can demonstrate full compliance with this Court's order of May 22, 2008.

The court's original disciplinary order involved a finding that the lawyer had failed to diligently represent and communicate with a client. The court had been sympathetic to the lawyer, imposing admonishment and a year of practice supervision. (Mike Frisch)

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