Saturday, March 28, 2009

Law Dog and Other Curiosities

MaxLangdellPosted by Jeff Lipshaw

Max the Law Dog and I went for a walk today.  Here's Max just after marking the Harvard Law School. I  believe his comment was "nice shrubs."MemorialHall

Just before we got to the Law School, we passed by the inspiration for Peter Jackson's conception of Sauron's Dark Tower, Barad-dur, in the evil land of Mordor.   Compare Memorial Hall (right) to the model used in making the movie (below left). 


Well, they sort of look the same.  James

And finally, to complete the photo gallery, we have James Lipshaw, working hard at proofreading the Teacher's Guide to Ribstein & Lipshaw, 4th Edition (appropriating the office of Professor Carter Bishop).

My apologies to any of you who tuned in to hear about something significant.

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