Monday, February 2, 2009

"Blessing Of The Bikes"

The Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline ordered that a Philadelphia traffic court judge be reprimanded and placed on probation for his seeking finiancial support in his campaign for office at a biker's rally. According to the court's findings, the judge had appeared before the Philadelphia First State  Road Rattlers for a "Blessing of the Bikes." After giving his blessing, he queried:

"You're going to help me out?"

"There's going to be a basket going around because I'm running for Traffic Court Judge, right, and I need some money. I got some stuff to do, but if all you give is $20, your going to need me in Traffic Court, am I right about that?"

"Now you all want me there, you're all going to need my hook-up."

A total of $285 was collected and duly reported on the required forms.

The sanction was based on findings that included the mitigating factors of youth (age 26), lack of legal training, contrition and honorable military service in Operation Enduring Freedom. (Mike Frisch)

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Great get together with those who participated.Riding time is upon us again! It takes place May 16th - 18th, the Blessing being on the Sunday.Taking roll call to see who is camping out at my cabin in Irons which is 17 miles north of Baldwin.

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