Thursday, January 15, 2009

Varied Acts Of Misconduct

The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board has recommended disbarment where

[t]he individual acts of misconduct which have been proven...vary widely. At times, the misconduct was directed toward clients, which was the case with representing a client in litigation over ownership of artwork, even though [the attorney] simultaneously claimed an interest in the artwork. [The attorney] also breached a duty owed to her client when her representation had been terminated, but she then filed an appellate brief. In that brief, [the attorney] advanced a position contrary to the position the client had taken long after [the] representation was terminated...[The attorney's] misrepresentations to a court caused her opponent to be unjustifiably evicted from his place of business. [The attorney] hurled vulgar insults, in court, toward her opposing counsel. In another appellate brief, [she] used 'vile, obscene, obnoxious or offensive [language],' while making unsubstantiated accusations that her opposing counsel was complicit in child molestation, perjury, and destruction of evidence.

The board further noted that, while the attorney had now acknowledged substance abuse problems, "her denial of telling opposing counsel 'f*** you' suggests that overall, she is not remorseful for her misconduct." (Mike Frisch)

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