Thursday, January 22, 2009

Illinois Bar Charges

The Illinois ARDC has filed bar charges against an attorney as a result of his conviction in Missouri for multiple counts of sexual misconduct with minors and witness tampering. The attorney was convicted of statutory sodomy in the first and second degree for acts of deviate sexual intercourse. The bar charges note that the attorney is serving a 65 year prison term. A news report of the underlying conviction notes that the attorney had previously served as an Assistant United States Attorney in Missouri.

The attorney had been terminated in 1999 from his AUSA position and had sued the DOJ for racial discrimination  and retaliation. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit affirmed the dismissal of that suit. The termination was based, among other contentions, on charges that he had misused his position as an AUSA and committed perjury at his brother's bank robbery trial. He had been placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation was conducted that ultimately led to his discharge. (Mike Frisch)

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