Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Michelson on Gender Inequality in China's Legal Profession

Posted by Alan Childress

New to SSRN is this paper by Ethan Michelson of Indiana-Bloomington's departments of sociology and East Asian studies:  "Gender Inequality in the Chinese Legal Profession."  Its abstract:

In China's urban context of labor retrenchment, women are faring poorly relative to their male counterparts. Is the same true in China's incipient, dynamic, and expanding legal profession? Findings from four sources of quantitative data suggest that gender inequality in China's private and highly market-driven legal profession is a microcosm of larger patterns of female disadvantage in China's evolving urban labor market. Although employment opportunities for women lawyers have greatly expanded quantitatively, their careers are qualitatively less successful than those of their male counterparts in terms of both income and partnership status. In the Chinese bar, women's significantly shorter career trajectories are perhaps the most important cause of their lower incomes and slimmer chances of becoming a law firm partner. Future research must identify the causes of this significant career longevity gap between men and women in the Chinese legal profession.

Our previous posts on Ethan's excellent work from inside China are here and here.


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