Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kudos To North Dakota

Since this is the day for Oscar nominations, my nomination for the best state high court web page must go to the North Dakota Supreme Court. Informative, entertaining (not limited to court information but providing links to news articles and other matters of interest) and as user-friendly as any court site that I visit in my on line travels. Today, the court has provided a link to the list of all attorneys ineligible to practice as of yesterday! The link provides further links to information about the attorney such as date of admission and location of practice. Some links even have a photograph of the now-ineligible lawyer.

I can't think of any other court that delivers this information in such a timely and accessible manner. Also, given the public nature of the suspension posting, I imagine that North Dakota does not have the problem of a lawyer practicing while suspended for non-payment of dues for five + years as identified in the prior Minnesota post. (Mike Frisch)

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