Wednesday, December 3, 2008

World's Greatest Edit. Ever.

Posted by Alan ChildressInfamyaddress1

This Sunday is Pearl Harbor Day, actually falling on a Sunday no less.  New Orleans is the home of the DDay Museum, which has really exapnded into a magnificent collection on World War II generally.  There are lots of other New Orleans sites to see on a visit, but put this on your list.  It is even walkable from downtown,  or off the streetcar, since it is near Lee Circle off St. Charles Avenue.  I see that it in fact is now congressionally known as America's "National World War II Museum."

The museum displays the speech FDR read the next day by radio address to the nation and to Congress.  (It may be a copy or on loan from the FDR Library in Hyde Park.)  You can see where the draft originally says, "a date which live in world history." The museum also provides by Pdf this lesson plan for educators who want to teach students the speech along with its context and impact. (Please teach them the edit, too!)

Better edit than whoever removed the comma in "Call me, Ishmael."

If you go, look for my uncle Joe Gillion's brick on the sidewalk just outside the coffee place.  He parachuted in, somewhere near Normandy, on DDay.

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