Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Friend Ficker

The Maryland Court of Appeals has reinstated Robin Ficker with an order that does not discuss either the  prior discipline or any findings concerning present fitness to practice. Ficker is perhaps best known as a heckler at Washington professional basketball games. As the Washington Post reported when the Wizards moved to their present downtown location:

The Washington Wizards are moving downtown to the new MCI Center without their most notorious fan. Robin Ficker, whose heckling of opposing players forced the NBA to change its rules on fan behavior, will no longer be in the stands on a regular basis when the team, formerly known as the Bullets, takes the court this fall.

Ficker said yesterday that he did not renew his season tickets, in part because his two seats directly behind the opposing team's bench at US Airways Arena were going to be relocated to a location underneath the basket when the team moves to the new arena. The Wizards will begin playing at MCI Center on Dec. 2.

The Bethesda lawyer and former Maryland representative was a fixture at Bullets games for 12 years, often clad in a homemade Bullets T-shirt and always berating opposing players from his perch in the front row. He was known — and disliked — by players and many of his fellow fans for trying to psyche out and distract the opposing team by reading aloud passages from books about their lives, holding up rubber chickens or shouting at players through a megaphone as they huddled with their coaches. Some fans, however, enjoyed Ficker.

"I sent a letter to [Wizards owner] Abe Pollin saying it was a shame he treated loyal fans that way," Ficker said. "I told him I love the NBA players but not the owners."

The court had suspended him in June 2007 for at least a year for carelessness in the operation of his law office, where he had a high volume practice involving primarily criminal, drunk driving and motor vehicle cases. (Mike Frisch)

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haha, i bet that guy really got into player's heads and frustrated them.

Posted by: DC criminal lawyer | Dec 8, 2008 4:32:19 PM

Come on guys, get up to date. I haven't been to a NBA game since April, 1998!

Posted by: Robin Ficker Broker Robin Realty | Dec 9, 2008 6:40:34 AM

My name is Rich Ficker and Robin must be a long lost relative because I share in that commonality of being loud at Basketball games. I'm a die hard Kings fan though from Sacramento that just recently moved to Oceanside, Ca. in San Diego County. Love to hear from Robin if he reads this comment

Posted by: Rich Ficker | Jan 25, 2009 7:08:12 PM

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