Sunday, December 21, 2008

NOBC and APRL To Hold Mid-Year Meetings in Boston Feb. 11-14

Boston is lovely in mid-February.  This announcement from NOBC, the National Organization of Bar Counsel website: "The 2009 Mid-Year Meeting will be held at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston from February 11-14, 2009."  Info and registration coming soon to the site, under the "members' tab."

The Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers, or APRL, also holds its winter meeting nearby each year.  Theirs is Feb. 12-14, 2009, so that leaves one extra day to enjoy the winter sights.  Here is the link.  Their meetings will be at the MCLE Conference Center, at 10 Winter Place, except for the joint morning program with NOBC held at the Colonnade Hotel on Feb. 14.  Accommodations are at the Jurys Hotel in Back Bay.  Here is the program agenda.

Downdate:  The two camps will meet by canoe across the Charles for the winner-take-all Annual Ethics Elympic Games on which the good guys' continued ownership of the camp inexplicably hinges.  It is predicted that the Aprl Zeals will take the egg-tossing event and the SOX race, but the Nobc Naughtybusters will come back strong in both the third-handed race and the tug-of-warrant.  The inevitable tie will be broken by a cross-country race where a now middle-aged and paunchy Wudy the Wabbit Esq., inspired by coach Bill 'Tripper' Murray, hopes to get the jump yet again on his more athletic opponent, this time in an obscene obstacle course through the Green Zone.  Have fun, all.

[Alan Childress]

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