Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Headline of the Day From Skidding Denver Jet

Odd bumping noise heard on Denver plane's tape ...That would have been the kid behind me kicking my seat back, and bringing my seat back forward.
      One of my brothers is a pilot for American and was visiting my school one day, having lunch with lots of us law profs.  An occupational hazard for him is that everyone immediately decides to tell their personal airplane inconvenience or near-miss stories. (Just like how we ethics profs always seem to 'invite' stories of outrageous lawyer conduct, or even such urban myths as the guy who got trapped robbing a house, was forced to eat dog food, and sued!)  Each law prof duly told my brother their tale of airplane horror, and he listened attentively, till one prof ended the conversation by apologizing for subjecting him to all the scare stories about flying.  My brother just replied, "That's OK. I'm afraid of lawyers." 
     One of his best airport inconvenience stories is the time that TSA confiscated his nail clippers while he was obviously on the way to a fly a plane full of passengers.  Like he could not bring the plane down if he wanted to, even without those clippers.  [Alan Childress]


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