Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beards And That Professional Look? The WSJ Weighs In

The WSJ life-and-style section today, in an article on facial hair, quotes our occasional guest-poster Kelly Lynn Anders of Washburn Law School on the subject of beards and professional appearance.  She is against.  Presumably those in the article that are for, mean men.  At any rate, Kelly invites your replies and criticism of her view.  I agree with her, fwiw. Do you?  I wore one for 15 years to "look older" and hide the second chin, until I did not need to take extraordinary steps to look older and the jowls prevention project became a losing battle anyway.

Kelly's book The Organized Lawyer is now out.

[Alan Childress]

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I've had a beard most of my adult life. I just prefer not to shave.

Posted by: Mike Frisch | Dec 11, 2008 10:34:20 AM

Personally, I think it is easier to shave than to care for a beard, so I shave.

But what I think is really sad about the article is that appearance still matters or, at least, many think that it does. It really is unfortunate that society is still so afraid of nonconformists.

I think we are fortunate in the U.S. legal profession that a lawyer can choose to be a nonconformist and might even find himself rewarded for that choice. But there are still limits as demonstrated by many of the cases reported in this blog.


Posted by: FixedWing | Dec 11, 2008 11:26:59 AM

I should also add that Christina and I had lively chat that covered much more ground, but my comments were whittled down considerably. I advised applicants seeking work during these challenging economic times to consider shaving for interviews, and possibly wearing a well-tended beard after being hired and surveying the lay of the land.

Posted by: Kelly Anders | Dec 11, 2008 12:40:07 PM

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