Friday, December 12, 2008

A Published Censure

An attorney was employed as a public defender and had practiced law during periods when his license had been suspended for failure to comply with annual registration requirements. He was permitted to resign when the problem was discovered and thereafter obtained reinstatement. After his resignation, the chief public defender found that he had failed to respond to over 200 telephone messages and to note appeals in two cases. The chief public defender filed a bar complaint and the lawyer failed to file a written response.

The lawyer was found to suffer from depression and "[t]hrough therapy and medication, [he] has made significant improvements." He presently is in good standing and serves as an appointed county attorney, which is not a full time position.

In the bar discipline case, the court accepted the Deputy Disciplinary Administrator's recommendation of a published censure with a requirement that he continue to participate in treatment for two years, with quarterly reports to the Disciplinary Administrator. (Mike Frisch)

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