Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why I Don't Facebook Very Much - The New Etiquette

Posted by Jeff Lipshaw

One of my relatives was recently upset because she thought I "ignored" her friend request to me on Facebook.  I don't go on Facebook very much, and this all confirmed why.  Indeed, I had been "ignoring" her friend request because I never looked at my friend requests.  As soon as I saw it, I confirmed that I indeed was willing to be her friend.

In the meantime, I learned from looking at my friends page that the spouse of a well-regarded contract theorist at the law school which is a part of the institution that has the "Leibo" award named after Jon Stewart of The Daily Show wanted said theorist to get home because one of their children had spread pink Oreo filling goo all over the house.



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I think this illustrates the debasement of the coinage of the word 'friend'. A Facebook profile is a place where potentially very private things can be shared with one's real-world-sense friends. This becomes a problem when cyberspace turns inside out, and everyone's on Facebook, and your friend's group becomes the entire world. It's self-regarding and not a little arrogant for somebody who one doesn't see face-to-face and with whom one isn't on intimate terms with daily to be upset that they haven't been made part of a private conversation that was in progress long before they entered the room. The etiquette requirement, to me, is on the would-be befriender and not the befriended, to be mature about their expectations in this regard.

Posted by: Simon Pride | Nov 18, 2008 4:38:54 PM

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