Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Perils Of Vanity Plates

We recently reported a summary from the Virginia State Bar's web page on the suspension of a lawyer for felony fleeing from the police. The decision of the Disciplinary Board has now been posted and provides some interesting details.

The attorney blamed her boyfriend, who she claimed was blackmailing her and had engineered the filing of the criminal charges. She denied knowingly fleeing and claimed that she did not understand her no contest plea in the criminal case. She also claimed health problems from an earlier accident.

The police officer testified that he had pursued the attorney's car but gave up the chase after he hit 80 miles per hour. He was able to observe part of the license plate, which read "DIVA." The attorney's plates were "DIVA EVA." The car had hit a stop sign but was able to get away before police arrived. The attorney had prior convictions for credit card fraud and destruction of property.

The board imposed suspension for a year and a day. A dissent noted that the attorney's testimony before the board was "combative and less than candid and forthright" and would revoke the license (law, not drivers). (Mike Frisch)


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