Friday, November 21, 2008

Suspension for Altering Will

An attorney who had engaged in serious misconduct was indefinitely suspended without possibility of reinstatement for two years by order of the Iowa Supreme Court. The attorney has a longstanding problems with alcohol and depression, and had a record of prior misconduct. The misconduct found here:

We find [the attorney] violated the Code of Professional Responsibility as found by the Commission. In particular, she altered a will, forged the names of clients and executors to documents, falsely declared documents and signatures to be authentic, received attorney fees in an estate proceeding without a court order, failed to deposit unearned fees into her trust account, neglected client matters, and failed to seek the lawful objectives of a client.

The attorney had been placed on disability inactive status in 2007. in some jurisdiction (such as D.C.), charges of misconduct are held in abeyance while an attorney is on disability status. (Mike Frisch)

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