Thursday, October 30, 2008

Worst Person

A Pennsylvania lawyer has consented to disbarment as a result of his criminal conviction for arson and related offenses. He had set fire to the house of his estranged wife, which was also occupied by his minor daughter. The daughter suffered from cerebral palsy and was severely injured because the condition made it difficult to escape the conflagration. Three firefighters also were injured in responding to the fire. The house and the daughter's medical equipment were destroyed.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court accepted the lawyer's resignation and imposed disbarment by consent. It is hard to imagine a lawyer more deserving of the sanction.

News reports about the criminal case are linked here  here and here. (Mike Frisch)

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Agreed. And yet you (Mike) have cataloged a case in Michigan which ignored a DUI as not related to the practice of law, as not hurting a client. This did not hurt a client. I say this not to excuse the Endless Love arsonist atty in your example but to scoff at the "no discipline" decision for the DUI. And also to compare the Maryland case in which an atty who killed his client's ex-wife's cat, got only a year suspension. In the microwave, which to the cat might seem like arson too.

Posted by: Alan Childress | Oct 30, 2008 4:16:32 PM

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