Monday, October 27, 2008

When Judges Feud

A rather unusual order was entered in the Michigan Supreme Court appointing a district court chief judge. The unusual part is a dissent that notes that another candidate for the position had withdrawn from consideration and stating that the Chief Justice of the court had advised the other candidate that she did not have the votes to prevail. The dissent calls this conduct "another example of [the Chief Justice's] unprofessional, improper, and unfair conduct as chief justice." The dissent further accuses the Chief Justice of mismanagement of the court and lack of transparency: "The Supreme Court should not be a secret club run for the benefit of justices and judges."

The dissenting justice has a "personally funded" website. From the web page, the following endorsement;

I know Betty Weaver. She threw me in jail...But I  would vote for her, because she straightened me out, and the sentence was just.

                       -Former convicted juvenile offender

(Mike Frisch)

"I   know Betty Weaver. She threw me in jail....But I would vote for her, because   she...straightened

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