Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Musings by Real Students on the MPRE

This is a follow-up to our April posts here and here on the statistical info behind passing the MPRE (minimum passing score, average score, standard deviation, etc.) and Jeff's own musings about coming out of ethical hiatus to take the exam as a certified AARP member (and his commendable result). Now consider this student blog's post and reader comments on the recent August 8, 2008 exam administration, studying for it, and sweating out the results.  Those who blogged it out seemed to agree the questions were nearly incomprehensible, but they inexplicably passed anyway.  The students did not address Jeff's most acute piece of advice:  "#13.  Don't drink a Venti Starbucks thirty minutes before you start the exam."

Consider also this older epinions post and comments, Advice on How to Pass the MPRE from Someone Who Just Did Last Month.  Another student wrote, a year ago, that the exam prep needed more than she was led to believe:  friends "simply reviewed the material the day before the exam. To quote my dear friend Mirenda aka Ma Henny, 'Whatevva Hunney'."  As Mike has written, one point shy is not enough. The official NCBE exam website is here.

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