Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Expression Of Support

A presentment was filed with the New Jersey Supreme Court seeking a sanction against a municipal court judge. The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct charges that the judge engaged in improper political activity after criminal charges were filed against the Passaic City Mayor for allegedly taking a $5,000 bribe. A newspaper printed a photo of a number of people standing outside the mayor's home on the day of his arrest, including the judge. The judge explained that he went to console the mayor's wife, which the committee accepted as true. Nonetheless, the open and public support of an indicted public official involved actions that  "were undertaken in a setting that could be seen to demonstrate political as well as personal support for the Mayor." The committee seeks a public admonishment.

It appears that the court entered an order yesterday, although I was unable to open the document. (Mike Frisch)

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