Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tool to Test Your Site's Ranking With Search Engines Like Google

Posted by Alan Childress

This site purports to have an engine that, by running your URL and a keyword, reveals how high various search engines rank your website.  I thought about this when I realized Monday how invisible we seemed65837_tapemeasure_2 after some early searches on the new Cuil search website.

On this ranker, using our URL and "profession," we are 11th on Google but not in the top 100 on Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista,, and others.  We do better on Google (third) when the keyword is "legal profession," but not much better elsewhere.  And not at all using "legal ethics."  (?!) We are only 27th on Google when the keyword is "Lipshaw."  Hmm.  I find it hard to believe, and ultimately traumatizing, that there are 26 other websites that are more Lipshaw-infused.

Here is a different site with its own search engine ranker.  We also do not fare so well on this one, except on Excite.  [This ranker asks for email, so I suspect it is all about selling you services to improve blog traffic; I ran it without email.  It also spelled existence wrong in its intro.]  Better luck to you and your website with this test.  Info on ranking algorithms is found at SearchEngineWatch.  Apparently we need to use the word ethics a lot more.  Or Lipshaw.

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