Saturday, August 2, 2008

Most Mind-Numbingly Obvious Headline of the Week

"Why Barack Obama Rejects Ludacris' Song."  That teaser headline on Yahoo! News leading to this article.  Though I also give stupid points to the headline just below it:  "Civil War Discovery Could Be 'Holy Grail.' " [Alan Childress]

UPDATE:  Another Yahoo! news story reports on the sale of a baseball card for $1,620,000 (or now the equivalent of 927 Euros).  The auction buyer was actually happy that his bid was accepted. “I call this the holy grail of baseball cards,” he said. ["You chose ... poorly," the knight in Indiana Jones's grail movie might say.]  Now I find that I am actually upset that the other inappropriately holy grail, a signed surrender at Appomattox, is valued at $500,000, a third of a baseball card.  Damn; if only Bob E. Lee had played baseball!

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