Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If Joe Camel Worked Selling Cigs to Kids, Then Canadian Club on Facebook Is Awesome!

Posted by Alan Childress

My teen has Facebook.  Your teen has Facebook.  Adults can get it too (even lawyers), but I bet the main demographic actually using it is age 15-25.  The only adults I know who got it were talked into it by a youth (not their own, of course) and realized it is a perfect monitoring grotto.  This is a decidedly youth-oriented forum.

Whatever, the content of the top "news feed" -- the very first entry before true friends' updates -- I saw today has to be targeted at youth (by generational references to their dads) and cannot be forgiven by the usual statement that this is just brand separation, not recruitment, because amount of alcohol is controlled by law and so one brand cannot make you crazier.  (The content is so youth-targeting even if the ad is filtered to go to those who happen to declare themselves 18+.)  Parents, do you know that CC is recruiting your kid on the internet?  I hope a Canadian Club exec winds up on To Catch A Predator on ABC.  The ad (which does not appear to be an ad and is just a regular news feed quote) says, and is bolded this way:

Your Dad Was Crazy

He did things people talked about.  Now it's your turn. 
Become a Canadian Club(R) Whiskey Fan.

Beautiful picture of the drink with ice in a glass next to it.  Links to their own Facebook Page, which shows no executive's face nor a book, but does have 1002 "fans," and that means two were added while I was typing this.  All the cool kids hang out here.   Oh, now 1004 of them.  It's working!

I would go write something nasty on the wall about them stalking my kid.  But I know better than to create an anti-oldfart backlash among readers, and prove their generational divide point, adding to the kick of the drink.  I will simply talk to my kid about how the internet is a fertile place for recruitment and predators of all kinds.  And I will never buy Canadian Club.  So I guess it is brand-separating after all.

Please let your own kid know that even more stuff online cannot be trusted, and it is not the prototypical cyberbully or predator that is using technology inappropriately.  And please do not buy Canadian Club Whiskey, whatever your political view of boycotts.

Update:  Edited to remove references to and pics of actual "fans," in response to a good suggestion to me (and I want to make clear that I chose pics of people who listed grad dates indicating they were older than my point, but still I agree it's right to remove...).  I also fixed the link to Andy's post on boycotts.  As indicated, I did talk about this with my son who got my point but also pointed out that my boycott is lazy because I rarely drink and never had any Canadian Club.  He is right but I am glad we had the talk.

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I agree, though parents should not worry because kids with half a cell brain will grow out of the Facebook mania pretty quickly.
It gets boring after a while...
Also, a lot of people over 25 use Facebook, believe me.

Posted by: Foreigner | Aug 13, 2008 9:15:31 AM

I remember seeing a lot of Canadian Club ads in magazines as a kid, and I remember having trouble figuring out *what the product was*. So I'm not too worried about this development.

Posted by: Bruce Boyden | Aug 13, 2008 8:36:07 PM

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