Friday, August 15, 2008

Soccer League Treasurer Sanctioned

I came across an October 2004 order of revocation upon consent in Virginia that may be of some interest. The revocation is based on an averment that the attorney had passed the bar in 1982 but never practiced law. The attorney further avers that she "[had] been active in the soccer community as a volunteer, not as an attorney; that I served in no capacity as an attorney in my soccer activities; that as of the middle of July, I resigned my positions in the soccer community; that I have made arrangements with the [soccer league] for 'restitution of financial obligations in question'; and that I gave [the league] a note...establishing the financial obligation and already have substantially begun the process of restitution." As league treasurer, the attorney had embezzled at least $85,000.

Here is a clear example of conduct unrelated to the practice of law that nonetheless demonstrates unfitness to practice. I will avoid the temptation to make an unfunny pun on the name of the sanctioned lawyer: Linda Wiser Sadler. (Mike Frisch)

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