Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Legal Post Mortem the Night After the Texas Execution That Wasn't

Posted by Alan Childress

I am flat wrung out a day after following minute-by-minute via emails the near-execution of Charles Hood in Texas, though I hope the twitter-like effort was worth it to some of our readers who were not getting updated info from regular media sources.   It may actually turn out someday that twitter will not just be used to catalog the next time a cat sneezes (OMG!).  But tired I am:  the case leaves not just a weariness of seeing a society too quick to judge humans and not quick enough to judge authority figures, but also a sense of sadness for all of us who expect more from judges -- and way more from a system meant to be about declaring guilt and innocence, or right and wrong, and not just powerful and powerless.

Please read some extra-inning thoughts on this very odd night, wonderfully stated the day after by Andy Perlman (plus replies by John Steele and me, in comments) over at LEF here. His post is an EXCELLENT post mortem analysis, with interesting and useful links, and there's a bonus:  a nice bibliography by Patrick O'Donnell in comments (wouldn't you just hate to be the one guy to write a book and no Patrick O'Donnell noticed?).  Over there, I comment on why everyone should be disappointed in this spectacle, not just knee jerk liberals.

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