Monday, May 19, 2008

Useful Sites To Avoid Grading

Posted by Alan Childress
(Cross-posted in an email from me to my gmail account and back again)

I once saw an ad, for real, in the Berkeley student newspaper, touting "Procrastination Workshop.  Pre-registration required."  The great site electronic ephemera has some website rewards for the procrastinator in you, handy during this should-be-grading season.  Instead of pondering the fine line between mediocre and unimpressive (since the extremes grade themselves), you can:

--Aggregate your web accounts in one place, PageOnce.  Or use FuzzFind to combine social tagging with bookmarking to search better, whatever the hell that means.
--Create a logo at logoease.  Self-logoing is so emo.
--Follow 400 European newspapers online, constantly updated, at eufeeds.
--Learn to speak "12 year old" with a translator algorithm of kids' text messaging.  GROWNG OLD SUX BTW.
--Search the criminal trials of the Old Bailey, 1647-1913, "containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court."  The world of ordinary people, organized online.
--Play Pictionary-esque games online with complete strangers.  Yes, that really is a tree.
--Watch an online, live astral observatory from your sofa.  Also see Google Sky.  I named that one after917258_rich_star_field you, baby.
--Read all of Hammurabi's Code of Laws.  Little is said there about torturing while painstakingly not calling it that.
--Start a fire without matches, nine ways.  Preferably not at Jeff's vacation house by the lake.
--Track the details of the startling truth that Captain Kirk did not actually have sex very often, despite legend (only four to possibly seven times in 80 episodes).  That is like over four and a half years, and a bazillion light-years of travel.  Should have gone to Key West!  As Columbus was really trying to do.
--Search and track all 50 states simultaneously for pending and introduced bills, including key word and number searches.  Could be a valuable resource for dedicated policy wonks and law professors, or just tell your law review editor to use it to fill out footnote 8.  Also, search the Library of Congress.
--Use this dress code engine not to arrive dressed inappropriately, this time by accident.
Or just grade the damn exams already.

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