Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tulane and Its Boom Renaissance in the News...In Boston

Posted by Alan Childress

Two weeks ago, Jeff linked his hometown paper The Boston Globe for an article on Brian Leiter and his kingmaking skills.  Now I am a fan of the Globe for another reason:  last week's article on the boom in applications and quality students at Tulane just a couple years after the numbers and enthusiasm were tamped.  In the undergraduate college, this is led by New Englanders who care:

Drawing strong interest from students across the country who joined recovery efforts in high school, Tulane has seen its applications double this year from 17,000 to 34,000, a remarkable increase for an established institution that Tulane officials believe may be the largest jump in the country this year. Overwhelmed by the volume, the university stopped accepting applications in January, or thousands more probably would have applied.

Tulane's newfound level of popularity sprang from an aggressive post-Katrina marketing campaign that sought to let families know that New Orleans was safe, and let students know the city needed their help. The overwhelming response from civic-minded students has elevated Tulane's national stature and selectivity, and marked a major milestone in the school's, and the city's, recovery. . . .

New England, and Massachusetts in particular, are leading the resurgence. In the six New England states, applications soared from 809 to 1,963 over the past year. The number of Massachusetts students applying rose from 372 to 983, after plummeting the two years after Katrina.

And on a distinctly Southern campus where students wear shorts and flip-flops in January, where people smile and say hi to passersby, it's also easy to hear the Boston adjective "wicked" and spot Red Sox and Celtics garb.


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