Friday, May 16, 2008

Protecting The Public

The Wisconsin Supreme Court suspended an attorney for six months for mishandling a series of cases. The attorney had previously been subject to a suspension for failure to fulfill CLE obligations and to respond to bar investigations. In explaining its rationale for the suspension, the court states:

The OLR said if Attorney Joset's license were suspended for a shorter period of time than six months there was no assurance she would be fit to resume practice since her communications with the OLR were sporadic at best, and in order to protect the public a six-month suspension would require her to affirmatively prove her fitness to practice law by successfully petitioning for reinstatement. The OLR also noted that in May of 2005 Attorney Joset had indicated she was finishing up on a limited number of cases and intended to leave the practice of law for a while in order to get some health issues resolved. The OLR said its more recent information was that Attorney Joset was actively teaching multiple courses at a local college relative to their paralegal degree program.

(Mike Frisch)

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