Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Welcome, Too

Thanks for joining our blog, Bill, and I also look forward to hearing your two presentations on the legal profession (with Marc Galanter and Andrew Morriss) this week at Law & Society Montreal.  Here is the SSRN link to his important new article, with Galanter, forthcoming in Stanford Law Review volume 60, entitledC1501541212069686thumb "The Elastic Tournament: The Second Transformation of the Big Law Firm."

One of Bill's many scholarly contributions to the field was recently noted by John Steele in comments at Legal Ethics Forum about this week's conference:  "Bill Henderson has been instrumental in creating some sort of affiliation group within L&S to address empirical questions about the legal profession, and it's that group that is spearheading all the [noted legal profession] panels."  Welcome to LPB. Henderson shown right, Jeff would say, as if in a Talk to Chuck ad.  [Alan Childress]

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