Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Andrew Perlman Opens LEF Coffers To Make New Friends

Posted by Alan Childress

Speaking of Suffolk and Legal Ethics Forum (intersected in this previous post), their own Andy Perlman has posted this generous invite to a Thurs. May 29 dinner in a Boston restaurant.  It is for interested bloggers and friends who are in town as part of the ABA meeting in Boston May 28-31. That is the 34th National Aperlman Conference on Professional Responsibility. The conference is to be held at the Seaport Hotel in Boston.  You can approach him by face (<---) at the conference.

I wish I could join him then, especially since dinner is discounted via using LEF ad revenues.  One of the ironies of the google ad sense algorithm that generates some funds for LEF is that slogans for ads can appear randomly and incongrously right next to their substantive posts.  I note that right now displayed next to Andy's post on this dinner are the large words, "Best Kept Secret?"  But anyway that week is also the Law and Society Association's annual meeting; this year it is in Montreal, with several panels on lawyers and the profession.  I will be there and hope to meet some readers and old friends (dutch). 

But, seriously, this is actually very nice of Andy and we salute him.  I hope Jeff goes and blogs on it.


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Thanks, Alan. Of course, I didn't say how much of a subsidy we'll be offering....

Montreal sounds fabulous. It's too bad that it was scheduled during the same time as the ABA conference. Perhaps you all can buy a round for the ethics folks up there? :)

Posted by: Andrew Perlman | May 20, 2008 2:36:04 PM

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