Sunday, April 27, 2008

Three Websites You Can Use

Posted by Alan Childress

Via the site-collecting resource of Electronic Ephemera, among its recent posts, I note these three Samcartoon useful sites out there to be tapped (beyond "every Simpsons' couch site gag" nicely spooled, in under five minutes): 

(1) SocialScan allows you to measure, simply by entering URL, a website's popularity as measured by its being linked on 12 known social sites, like Digg and Bloglines. Our own site earns 5,763 total points, which compares favorably with some of their recent examples, such as Above the Law (5,046), PrawfsBlawg (1,439), (12,598 [I know, but they save lives]) and (6,308).  Thumbphp Pay no attention to Paul Caron [left] behind the iron TaxProf Blog curtain (10,898).  Slate earns 271,753 points.  Mr. Skin earns 1,090 points.  Poor priorities?  Or maybe a methodology issue with the measuring site?

(2) Delaycast allows you to estimate flight delays in advance. "Use our on-time prediction engine to help you book your flights.  We’ve built mathematical models of the U.S. air transportation system to predict delays and cancellations.  If you need to make that meeting on time or are afraid of missing a connection, don’t book until you check out the predictions here!"   Alternative method:  just find out what flight I have booked, or which teller line I picked.  [Caron, above left, is shown delayed in an airport. ]Jeffcartoon_3

(3) This site, BeFunky, allows you to turn photos into cartoons and uvatars.  (Not quite the psychodelicious quality of our post in 2006 on a way to turn photos into AAlancartoonndy Warhol classics, but still nice.)  They can be crude B&W sketches or modern art. 

Jeff, right, is a cartoon (ironic, since he is also a cartoonist).  I am shown left.  I have no photo of Mike, sorry. But Sam (top) is a nice gelding (as is Jeff).

The site even always you to re-dress your image with thousands of outfits and accessories.  I resisted the temptation to dress up Jeff.  But it is killing me.

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We look like those characters in the "Talk to Chuck" commercials.

Posted by: Jeff Lipshaw | Apr 28, 2008 5:57:52 AM

Yeah, like "I needed a place to park a little money I earned from inventing glasses you can take off easily because they have an extension on the bridge of the nose, and my regular broker says I should put some aside in case something goes wrong with the design, but I am just thinking he is a cross-eyed worry wart. Is my broker more like a friend, or just there because I have some money?"

I think the monologs written for those ads are written on the same computer in which Carey writes her Sex and the City columns: " men even notice my handbag, or do they carry too much baggage? I wonder whether I am dating Louis XVI or would rather just have Louis Vuitton...."

Posted by: Alan Childress | Apr 28, 2008 7:21:28 AM

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