Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Eventually Cooperative

The Wisconsin Supreme Court accepted a stipulated disposition and imposed an agreed-upon two-year suspension in a matter involving "lack of diligence, misrepresentation and other violations." The attorney had a record of prior discipline. The court explains:

"We conclude the misconduct and Attorney Engelbrecht's disciplinary history warrants the suspension of his license to practice law in Wisconsin for a term of two years, together with $1,000 in restitution to the Wisconsin Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection. In reaching this conclusion, we consider that Attorney Engelbrecht's misconduct involves a number of aggravating factors, including his recent disciplinary history. Attorney Engelbrecht's misconduct is serious because it exhibits dishonest and selfish motives, multiple offenses, failure to cooperate with the disciplinary agency, submitting false evidence and using deceptive practices during a disciplinary process, indifference to making restitution, and harm to clients. Attorney Engelbrecht kept $1,000 of his client's money which he did not earn and attempted to disguise his own culpability. Attorney Engelbrecht failed to respond to several letters and phone calls from the OLR's investigator. In addition, Attorney Engelbrecht misrepresented to the OLR that it was his client who had failed to obtain service. Attorney Engelbrecht submitted a fabricated letter in support of that misrepresentation. We note that Attorney Engelbrecht was cooperative with the OLR during the litigation of this matter, however, and admitted his misconduct and accepted responsibility."

(Mike Frisch)

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