Monday, April 14, 2008

Specialist Recertification Denied

The Supreme Court of Hawai'i denied a lawyer's petition for renewal of certification as a specialist. The order recites that:

"Upon consideration of the Verified Petition for Renewal of Certificate of Specialization submitted by Petitioner..., Exhibits A and B, and the record, it appears Petitioner...has submitted insufficient proof that she meets the requirements for recertification set out by Rule 1.13(g) of the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Hawai'i (RSCH). Although Petitioner...has submitted a copy of the specialist certificate issued by an ABA accredited program, i.e., the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF), which is valid until April 16, 2008, Petitioner...has not provided (1) evidence showing completion of at least six hours of ABA accredited Continuing Legal Education courses in the subject area for each of the five years preceding the application for renewal, and (2) proof she has maintained certification by NELF, the ABA accredited program by which certification was initially granted. Having failed to demonstrate proof that Petitioner...meets the requirements of RSCH 1.13(g),

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the petition for renewal is denied. This denial is without prejudice to: (1) reconsideration upon submission of evidence Petitioner...has met the requirements of RSCH 1.13(g), within 30 days after entry of this order, or, (2) after 30 days, submission of a subsequent petition that includes the required proof." (Mike Frisch)

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