Monday, April 14, 2008

An Article on MPRE Passing Score, From the Inside

Posted by Alan Childress

Apropos the posts here and here on the MPRE minimum passing score (our hat tip to John McSweeny), consider this brief article by the Director of Testing for the NCBE, Susan Case: Download Testing.pdf

Dr. Case notes that most people assume the MPRE requires a higher passing score or performance than it usually does.  One recent administration of it, for example, required a taker to get less than half right in order to pass the standard set by many states.  Even in the toughest states, one would only need to answer 27 of 50 right on that exam. 

Still, in my opinion, it can be a tough exam, as evidenced by the mean score of less than 100 (i.e., the average person, with all his or her credientials and training, answering about 65% right).  It cannot be "winged" or just answered intuitively, even for generally ethical people.  The questions and answer choices can be too subtle for faking it.

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