Friday, March 21, 2008

Words And Pictures

The Supreme Court of Florida sanctioned an attorney for filing a series of pleadings that the court characterized as "inappropriate and pornographic material [submitted] to this Court." The submissions that the court found offensive are set out with some particularity in the order. The court did not find that the use of illustrations added to the arguments made by the attorney: "Between the text of [a] motion, [the attorney] pasted images of swastikas, kangaroos in court, a reproduced dollar bill, cartoon squirrels, Paul Simon, Paul Newman, Ray Charles, a handprint with the word 'SLAP!' written under it, Bar Governor Benedict P. Kuehne, a baby, Ed Bradley, Jack Nicholson, Justice Clarence Thomas, Julius Caesar, monkeys, and a house of cards..."

The sanction requires that any future pleadings be signed by a member in good standing of the Florida Bar other than the attorney. The court states this sanction does not deny the attorney access to the court, but rather places a reasonable limitation in light of past abuse. The court is awaiting a referee report in two bar discipline cases involving the lawyer.

An extensive Wikipedia entry concerning the attorney is linked here. (Mike Frisch)

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