Friday, March 7, 2008

More Moles for Metadata: This Time It Is Photos

Posted by Alan Childress

This blog and also Legal Ethics Forum (and here) have done several posts on the issue of metadata hidden in word processing files, and especially the ethical rules covering the sending or mining of metadata and similar embedded background data.  Now there is a blog than notes that certain photo files contain metadata that are easily mined through a free program from our privacy friends at Microsoft.  The blog is A.J. Levy's Out of the Box Lawyering and the post is called  "Metadata in photos: There’s a lot of hidden information in digital photos."   For example, he writes,"I recently learned that there is also some extremely valuable information hidden away in the digital version of digital photographs. And Microsoft has a free – that’s free – program that allows you to discover from the digital version such information as the date and time when the photo was taken."

For interesting and scary issues of privacy in the U.K. for Google search users--people are watching what you choose to search for--see this post today at

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