Friday, March 14, 2008

Follow-up to post on law firm of Kimmel & Silverman

Posted by Alan Childress
        Even though I don't teach or even like Contracts, I do read the Contracts Prof Blog because its snippets and examples are often funny and telling.  I recently expressed to its founding editor, Frank Snyder (a great blogger like the other prolific Frank:  Pasquale) my sorrow that Prof. Snyder had been targeted for a blog beat-down by someone whom, I must assume, never met Frank.  Somehow in our own email exchange, Frank mentioned that they get a lot of hits because of a story -- an actual contracts story -- they once posted on Kate Beckinsale's breasts.  (Actually they posted it on the blog about them; misplaced modifier.) 

Such is the way of internet searching and blog page visits:  the actual popularity of a blog sometimes relates to its sitemetercount in the same way that U.S. News & World Report rankings relate to the real quality of a law school.  It's probably in the neighborhood of about right in many cases, but mostly by methodological accident.  I don't know if concurring opinions would concur with that opinion, but I do note that it celebrated its bizzillionth hit by thanking Jennifer Aniston and noting (per Dan Solove):

One of my more popular posts is one entitled Jennifer Aniston Nude Photos and the Anti-Paparazzi Act. It seems to be getting a lot of readers interested in learning about the workings of the Anti-Paparazzi Act and the law of information privacy. It sure is surprising that so many readers are eager to understand this rather technical statute.

So I should not have been shocked to notice through our sitemeter thatHarrisonfordpicture1thumb we are getting some hits based on Mike's November 2007 post discussing bar discipline issues related to the law firm of Kimmel & Silverman, in its Maryland office. 

I can only hope that, if Mike ever needs to do a substantive follow-up, by then the firm will have expanded and become the law firm of Kimmel, Silverman, Damon and Affleck.

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