Monday, February 25, 2008

Update: George Clooney Supports Barack Obama

He gave $2600, according to the FundRace2008 search engine, on which I posted here.  But Michael Vm_sy140_sx100_Clayton of Montana gave $500 to John Edwards.  Bob Barnes (of Mississippi) gave the same to Mike Huckabee, likely trying not to be beaten as a washed up CIA spy again.  Danny Ocean gave nothing despite his Vegas millions (same with Billy Tyne, likely because he is still busy with that perfect storm).  Various Doug Ross donors, none of them former ER doctors, gave to Rudy, Hillary, Ron Paul, and McCain. 

Unrelated (particularly unrelated since Clooney's film was not awarded best picture last night), here is a site, Oscarology, that accurately describes your life and personality based on the best picture winner from the year you were born.  I am a Ben-Hur for sure.  Seems as viable and descriptively rich as less sophisticated methods of astrology.

[Alan Childress]

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