Monday, February 4, 2008

Ethics Journal Addresses Unmet Legal Needs

The Winter 2008 (Vol. XXI, No. 1) of the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics is now available. The focus of the issue is the legal profession's obligation to provide for the unmet legal needs of the poor. There is also a conversation on Law Firms, Ethics, and Equity Capital between Bruce MacEwan, Mitt Regan and Larry Ribstein that addresses non-equity investment in law firms, subject to regulatory oversight. Monroe Freedman, in Getting Honest About Client Perjury, takes the position that " when lawyers reveal client confidences because they feel compelled by Rule 3.3 to do so, their conduct violates the Fifth and Sixth Amendment to the Constitution."

The student editors are to be commended for their efforts and contribution to the discussion of significant and timely issues of professional responsibility. (Mike Frisch)

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