Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Proposed Rules For Ohio Judges

The Ohio Supreme Court has proposed new rules of conduct for judges. This link to the court's announcement provides a link to the full text of the proposed revisions. The announcement states:

A sampling of some of the more significant   revisions contained in the draft Code include:

  • A proposed rule that bars a judicial candidate from making any pledge, promise or commitment inconsistent with the impartial performance of judicial duties.
  • New provisions that provide guidance to judges who preside over “specialized dockets” such as drug courts or mental health courts.
  • New provisions that   outline the permissible role of a judge in facilitating the settlement of   pending cases.
  • Clearer guidance with regard to the acceptance and reporting of gifts, including a streamlined reporting requirement for gifts and extrajudicial compensation. (Mike Frisch)

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