Friday, February 8, 2008

Kids Cannot Wait: March 4 Is National Grammar Day!

Posted by Alan Childress
Get ready for another National Grammar Day.  Don't you just hate how we celebrate it earlier and earlier every year?  The malls with all their smug decorations, already up by Lincoln's Birthday! -- obviously trying to expand the retail shopping window just to maximize annual sales.  Crass re-gifting after.  Drinking and carousing on National Grammar Eve, and leaving out the chefs at Burger King who have to work that Eve while the rest of us party.  And my kids with their endless which lists of presents.

It seems as if we have commercialized NGD so much that noone knows it's true meaning any more.  At least this year March 4 falls on a Tuesday, to potentially expand the long weekend alot.  Irregardless, I 727631_74961514_2 wonder if it's sponsors, including Microsoft, has figured out that national modifies grammar instead of day, even though I think they mean it is a national day to promote grammar rather than a day to promote a more nationally uniform grammar. Am I just being pedantistic?

Hat tip to the new legal writer blog, which intends to "party like it’s as if it were 1999."

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